We’re a One-stop Shop for All Things Marketing, with All the Experience & Know-how of a Seasoned Advertising Agency — at Budget-friendly Prices!

Quite often, one of the first questions we’re asked by clients is why we’ve named our business after such an unassuming thing as a shoestring, and the answer is simple — We can do more with a shoestring budget than you could even imagine!

We specialize in finding creative ways to stretch even the smallest budgets for the maximum possible impact. Examples of this include finding noncompeting but complimentary businesses to share coordinated marketing activities, shopping and negotiating collateral expenses [to death], and in one case, negotiating advertising space for a bail bondsman on the side of a convenience store in a known drug hazard area — all kidding aside, that actually happened!!

We are people who (like you) have caught the entrepreneurial bug. We love start ups and small businesses and find great satisfaction in helping others to grow their businesses in very meaningful ways. Our entire business is structured so that you can call on us for anything, as if we’re a natural extension of your team, and know that we’ll always do top-quality, results-driven work at honest and reasonable rates.

Added-Values for Your Business:

1 hour of FREE graphic design on any order over $100!
FREE SHIPPING on our most popular print products to customers in CA, NV, AZ & UT!
All printed products designed by us are provided in accessible PDF & Word formats!
Braille flyers and labels also available!

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